Francois Jonker is a learning-process designer with a background that includes engagements in various different creative disciplines including Conceptual Art, Communication Design, Illustration, Photography and Performance Art.  As founding partner and the Academic Head of the Cape Town Creative Academy, Francois is well versed in the strategic development of learning programmes, curricula and teaching methodologies.  Francois' style of facilitation is characterised by a firm belief in the power of play and a tremendous passion for creating opportunities for trans-disciplinary creative collaboration. 


As associate of the Creative Leadership Consultancy, Francois consults for clients such as the World Economic Forum's Young Global Leaders, PWC and Volkswagen by using prototyping tactics as a mechanism for leadership skills.

As a member of the PlatformSIX Collective, Francois works in close collaboration with various esteemed design educators and the South African Department of Education on various programmes geared towards the upliftment of design education in secondary schools across the country. This initiative strives towards instilling an understanding of the potential for social innovation that can be unlocked through the application of design-thinking. 

Francois holds a BA in Communication Design, a BA in Visual Art (Honours) and a MA (cum laude) in Visual Studies.